Communication/Event Request

Requests should be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to the event date.

This allows 1-2 weeks to design and proof and 3-4 weeks of published advertising.


We believe consistent and congruent communication is an integral part of the relationship between church leadership and church attenders. Therefore we ask that all Oakwood related communication begin on The HUB.

We want to ensure that The HUB is the primary communication platform for information and events. If the details are shared in other ways, all the communication channels become devalued and knowing where to find the most up to date information becomes confusing and even frustrating for the church attender.

Signups and registrations need to be on The HUB only. If a group needs help the Connection Center volunteer can provide assistance. The utilization of paper signups is inconsistent with our communication plan and confuse the messaging of how we manage events/registrations. 

We can add a form to any post and have it email directly to the point of contact for the event. 

If requested (see form) the event can also be shared on Facebook. The Facebook post will direct people to The HUB.

  • All methods of sharing the event (through email or Facebook) should point to the event page on The HUB.

  • A slide can be added to the Digital Signs for in-building promotion.

  • The event will appear in the bulletin and the eNews.

    • The list would contain titles of events only.

    • It would instruct the reader to go to The HUB for details.

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  • Event Registration

    We use a standard web form to register participants. This keeps collection methods consistent to provide a better user experience.

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  • Additional forms of communication that you can use on your own as a ministry leader:

    - Direct personal emails (be sure to use the BCC line if sending to multiple addresses)

    - Life Group announcement (must be requested through the Life Group Leader)

    - Phone campaign

    Please note that the following items are not in compliance with our communication policies:

    - Paper signup sheets

    - Flyers or signs taped around the ministry center

    - Setting up a table in the commons without approval

    - Use of the Name Oakwood or the Oakwood logo without approval

  • Click SUBMIT to complete your form. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. Be sure to contact the Office Administrator if you have specific logos/graphics.

    It is our goal to provide you with confirmation and next steps regarding your request(s) within 3-5 business days.

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