We believe effective communication is BENEFICIAL FOR ministry 


You can click on the "Submit Request" to the left to complete your communication request

All events/announcements (Oakwood related) begin on The Hub

  • If requested (see form) the event can also be shared on Facebook. The Facebook post will direct people to The Hub.

  • All methods of sharing the event (through email or Facebook) should point to the event page on The Hub

  • A slide can be added to the Digital Signs for in-building promotion

  • The event will appear in the bulletin and the eNews in the "Here's What's Happening" list

    • The list would contain titles of events only

    • It would instruct the reader to go to The Hub for details


We want to ensure that The Hub is the primary communication platform for information and events. If the details are shared in other ways, all the communication channels become devalued. 

Signups need to be on The Hub only. If a group needs help the Connection Center volunteer can provide assistance. The utilization of paper signups is inconsistent with our communication plan and confuse the messaging of how we manage events/registrations. 

We can add a form to any post and have it email directly to the point of contact for the event.