Student Ministry (6-12 Grade)

The Oakwood Student Ministry exists to reach middle school and high school students with the truth of the Gospel, to connect them with other Christ-followers, to help them grow in their relationship with God, and to challenge these students to love others and glorify God with their lives. Every event, activity, conference and trip works together to accomplish this purpose as a student ministry.

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9:00 am Sunday School

Sunday School for 6-12th grade students is a combination of bible-based teaching and God-centered worship. This is the place where your relationship with God can grow deeper. We want to be a group that cares for each other and shares our lives together.

10:30 am Family Worship

Students are encouraged to worship with their parents.


6:30 pm Student ministry

Wednesday nights for 6-12th grade students is a place where you’ll be welcomed with open arms, regardless of your background or belief. We play a lot of crazy games, while becoming a community together through groups, the worship of God and the teaching of His Word.



(Grades 6-8)

The Jesus Crew: Jesus began his ministry by calling a fishing "crew" to join Him (Matthew 4:18-20). In the same spirit, we desire to serve on Jesus' crew by becoming fishers of men.



(Grades 9-12)

The Fellowship: As servants of the King we meet in fellowship and unity to promote His name in each others lives and to the whole world. (John 17:20-23).