Our Purpose

The purpose of Oakwood Community Church is to glorify God by establishing people in community (fellowship), encouraging Christ-like maturity (discipleship), equipping people for ministry (service), extending God’s kingdom (outreach), and exalting Him in worship.

Our Values

  • God-Honoring Worship

  • Word-Driven Teaching

  • Grace-Filled Community

  • Gifts-Oriented Service

  • Gospel-Centered Outreach

Our Covenant

Having received Jesus Christ as our Savior and confessed Him as Lord in baptism, we do now joyfully covenant together to unite with the family of Christ here at Oakwood Community Church. We do, therefore, in His strength agree:

That by God’s grace we shall seek to protect the unity of our Church by acting in love toward one another, engaging in edifying conversation, and following our leaders; That we shall share in the responsibility of our Church by praying for its growth, welcoming those who visit, and pursuing Christ-like character; That we shall seek to serve in the ministry of our Church by discovering our gifts, being equipped to serve, and developing a servant’s heart; That we shall seek to support the testimony of our Church by attending faithfully, living a godly life, and giving regularly; That we shall seek to participate in the outreach of our Church by sharing the gospel, caring for others, and supporting the advance of God’s kingdom here and abroad.

Our Statement of Faith

We affirm the following statements of faith from Converge Worldwide (formerly the Baptist General Conference) and Converge North Central (formerly the Minnesota-Iowa Baptist Conference):